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Titans – Episode 3

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Now we are ticking along nicely, episode 3 it is..

Starfire has made her way stateside now and is on the hunt for Raven. After tracking down the sleeper cell she manages to take Raven with her, leaving a charred body in her wake, one of her favourite things to do – this is definitely not the cute fluffy Starfire of Teen Titans Go!

With the Episode title being “Origins” it is pretty safe to know what is going to be a focal point of the episode and we get a few callbacks to 15 years ago just after the murder of Dick’s parents and his initial time at Wayne Manor.

Back to the current timeline we get Raven continuing to battle with her Demon, Starfire finding more about her past and a prophecy about Raven and the Sleeper cell gets a bit more interesting as they meet their boss, played by Reed Birney who always does a good job in whatever role he is cast in.

Albeit briefly, the four titans meet for the first time too.

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