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Titans – Episode 4

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This Episode is called Doom Patrol, and gives us yet more superheroes into this universe. After Raven escapes the convent and goes on the run with Beast Boy, he takes them back to his house where we meet the Doom Patrol themselves.

The Doom Patrol consist of Cliff (voiced by Brendan Fraser no less), otherwise known as Robotman, Rita (Elasti-girl) and Larry (Negative Man) alongside their leader Dr Niles Caulder (Chief) who is the one who gave Beast Boy his powers. They try to save Raven.

This episode seems to be as much a set up for the Doom Patrol spin off series that is being developed as it is consistent to this story, the one thing useful being that they let Beast Boy join the titans on their adventure.

One thing that gets me – Beast Boy is always naked when transferring back from animal form, however miraculously has his backpack and clothes nearby…

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