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Titans – Episode 8

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Ok, this is getting difficult to not spoil too much – so from now on spoiler warning it is.. if you are reading and have not seen then I would suggest going to Neflix right now, get your fill, and come back.

In the aftermath of The Asylum and now that Raven has met her mother Dick decides to head back to his ‘normal’ life, or so the gang think – he actually goes to see an old childhood friend – Donna Troy – otherwise known as Wonder Girl. He tells her that he is done being Robin (I think he might be telling a little porkie pie at this moment, although he doesnt know it..)

The rest of the group head off with Ravens mum as he has a house. Now, even an utter idiot must know this is NOT a good idea as The Organisation surely knows about it… anyhoo, off on the train they go. Starfire seems to be having some kind of flashbacks to the torture at The Asylum.

Dick and Donna head to a gallery where her work is on display, she has to leave briefly for a ‘work thing’ but Dick follows along. She is meeting with a big game poacher who was showing some stuff off to give his boss some unwanted publicity when Dick attacks thinking Donna is in trouble. When they make it back to Donna’s house she is flicking through Dicks phone and notices the pictures of the alien language seen back in episode 2 or 3.

Back to the train and a man who seemed interested in Starfire turns out to be a US Marshall and phones it in. They manage to escape the train and make it to Ravens mums house. After noticing that Starfire is struggling with pain Raven offers to help after finding out in episode 7 she has the ability to heal – however after healing Starfire, she remebers a bit more about her past – that she was out to kill Raven.

We get a Joker and Penguin mention in this episode too, maybe a nod of things to come? (from Series 2/3 onwards I would guess)

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