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Titans – Episode 9

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One of the things I enjoy most about this series is the subtle changes in the logo at the beginning of each episode with different characters appearing in each letter before it flashes back to the four core Titans.

Episode 9, Hank and Dawn, sees us flip back towards the beginning of the series and check back in on them following the Sleeper Cell attack in Episode 2. Dawn is still in hospital and we get to go back through Hanks childhood, from the child abuse at the hand of his coach, to concussion issues playing football in college and all through it by his side is his little brother – the original Dove.. something tells me that didnt end too well..

Over to Dawn and she is having flashbacks into her history too, which is just as much fun as Hanks. Memories of her mother (Deanna Troi from Star Trek Generations!) and her abusive father beating them.

After a chance encounter a car accident takes out Hanks little brother and Dawns mum – this is how they met. (thought there was going to be a bad ending). As they use each other as means of counselling Dawn eventually finds out about the Hawk and Dove, Hanks child abuse and sets out to make it right.

Throughout the flashbacks are visions of Raven and our episode wraps up with Dawn waking from her hospital bed telling Hank they have to go find Jason Todd.

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