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Top 10 Movie Franchises

Hot on the heels of Aquaman’s strong $750 Million dollar box office start and with 2019 drawing to a close I thought it was time to update the top 10 Movie franchises.

Point of note for his article. No inflationary adjustments were made. (I have no doubt that if it were, the list would look significantly different..)

Honourable mention before we start. Avatar. Still leading the all time box office total, it singlehandedly sits at 21st on the all time franchise totals list. If James Cameron ever gets round to releasing two, three and four at any point in the next decade I have no doubt that this series will crash into the top 10.

10. Batman – The DCEU is close after Aquaman, but not quite in the top 10 yet.. (it surely will be by the time Shazam comes out in a few months, if not from Aquamans full box office run when it completes..) In the mean time, totalling all the Batman Films together places this franchise in the top 10. With the series in limbo it is up to the animated features to add to this total for now, like 2018’s Batman Ninja before we finally get a confirmed recasting and the next Live Action Bats…

TOTAL BOX OFFICE – $4,571,340,284

9. Spider-Man – With the Andrew Garfield series stopped in favour of bringing Spidey into the MCU, and subsequent release of Spiderman Homecoming, this series has moved up into the top 10. This years Far From Home will build on the box office which should keep it in the top 10 for a while yet.

TOTAL BOX OFFICE – $4,858,634,764

8. Jurassic Park – Last years Fallen Kingdom added to the totals of the Jurassic Franchise, placing it into the top 10. I would fully expect more entries in the series based on Jurassic World taking $1.6 Billion worldwide, and its sequel another $1.3 Billion..

TOTAL BOX OFFICE – $4,977,086,004

7. Fast and the Furious – Showing no signs of slowing down any time soon film after film after film has been churned out. Fast 8, released in 2017 took $1.2 Billion on its own merits adding to the coffers. Now moving into spin off movies with The Rock’s “Hobbs and Shaw” due out in 2019 this series looks to be a mainstay for a while.

TOTAL BOX OFFICE – $5,136,876,099

6. X-Men – I for one was surprised to see them as high on here, but starting to think about it with the First Class films and Wolverine films going into the totals alongside the Original Trilogy I can see why it has done as well as the numbers show. 2018’s releases of “The New Mutants” and “Dark Phoenix” were pushed back following the Disney/Fox Merger but with both now due out this year the totals for this series will continue for this year, but start increasing dramatically once “the Feige” wrangles them into the MCU.

TOTAL BOX OFFICE – $5,755,471,371

5. Middle Earth – Peter Jacksons project was originally passed around a few studios without backing due to the sheer scope of filming all three back to back until New Line stepped in, and boy were they rewarded. The per film average of this series potentially takes them to the top of this list with an average of just under a billion per film. The Hobbit Films did not do quite as successful as the original trilogy however neither was a slouch at the box office and this series looks to stay in the top 10 for a while yet.

TOTAL BOX OFFICE – $5,886,273,810

4. James Bond –  Sheer number of releases propelled this into the top 10 of the all time box office totals but with the most recent releases all doing extremely well on their own accord it deserves its place on the list. Whilst Spectre was not the smash that Skyfall was, Skyfall being the first bond film to break the billion dollars on its own, there is still an extremely interested fan base. Bond 25 is currently in development so this total will continue to be added to.

TOTAL BOX OFFICE – $7,077,929,291

3. Harry Potter – Little did Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint know what they were getting into back in 2001 when the first Potter film was released. With 8 films in this series and the spin off Fantastic Beasts films adding to their haul the Potter franchise ran up the charts and for a short while, was top of the tree until our last two (which you have probably guessed already) jumped ahead.

TOTAL BOX OFFICE – $9,158,367,838

2. Star Wars – The champion if inflation had been applied, due to the volume of people who went to see the original trilogy, shows no sign of slowing down now that Disney have acquired the rights and are releasing a film each year for the foreseeable future. The Last Jedi and Solo may not have got as much love from the fanbase as previous entries but in 2019 Episode 9 is due out – to complete the most recent Trilogy – which will easily be one of the biggest films of the year and cement them in second place for a long while.

TOTAL BOX OFFICE – $9,307,318,125

1. The MCU- “There was an idea, Stark knows this, called the Avengers Initiative. The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people, see if they could become something more. See if they could work together when we needed them to to fight the battles we never could.”

A quote from Nick Fury during the Avengers, and could well have been the slogan for Disney when putting together this plan back in the mid 2000’s. With three films a year due out and a plan to continue the films until 2028 at the earliest there seems to be no let-up in this series and its dominant position at the top of the table. Nearly double what the total of Star Wars as taken already this franchise may never be beaten.

TOTAL BOX OFFICE – $17,500,562,116

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